UI17 OnDemand Video Previews

Luke Wroblewski: First Person User Interfaces

Technologies today enable us to interact with the real world. See how to remove abstraction from UI’s and create immersive experiences that present new business opportunities.

Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry: Discussing Design

Critiques—and the language for discussing design—are an important part of our growth as designers. Improve how you collect, deliver, and receive them.

Jared Spool: The Secret Lives of Links

Take a journey to learn the secret lives that our sites’ links are living. You’ll explore the good and bad from web sites across many industries.

Karen McGrane:
Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content

Our cross-platform world demands more flexible content, because what worked for the desktop simply won’t work for mobile. See how our content workflow can keep up.

Kim Goodwin: Your Toughest Design Challenge

Helping teams support and implement our designs can feel like an uphill battle. Become a masterful change agent using strategies that work with your organization’s culture.

Nathan Curtis: Fearless Prototyping for Skeptics

You don’t need extensive HTML experience to prototype or sketch your ideas. Learn how to do both quickly and start to communicate more effectively with your team.

Kevin Hoffman: Designing Stellar Meetings

Apply your UX design thinking to run meetings that result in better insights faster, more cohesive teams, and access to new ideas from everyone involved.

Dana Chisnell: The Three Levels of Happy Design

Beyond interaction design and usability testing lies an important element: user happiness. Learn the three levels of happy design to shift your thinking and design for emotion.

Aaron Gustafson: Building Adaptive Designs Now

Progressive enhancement helps us design adaptive, multi-device experiences effectively. Get techniques to evolve your creative process and expand your technical skill set, too.

Video Previews from the Experts