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Kevin Hoffman: Meeting Design for the Design Process

Kevin illustrates the cost of meetings and proposes the idea of Meeting Design.

Luke Wroblewski: Moving Beyond Forms

Luke shares his own frustration with user input on the Xbox 360 game system.

Bill Scott: Designing for Mice and Men

Bill compares the initial ideas for the Netflix experience on the Playstation 3 game console.

Steve Portigal: Culture: You’re Soaking In It

Steve shows examples of visualizations to illustrate the idea of regional cultures.

Jared Spool: The Unintuitive Nature of Creating Intuitive Designs

Jared will show you what it takes to make your designs more intuitive.

Kim Goodwin: Experience Leadership

Kim shares why UX leadership is a skill set, not a job title. Tomorrow’s UX leaders will come from many disciplines and have many roles. You could be one of them.

Brandon Schauer: The Business Case for (or Against) UX

Brandon will explore where and why UX gains value and how that value connects to the processes and tools we currently use (or should use).

Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis and Greg Rewis: Design Challenges, CSS Answers

Stephanie and Greg will demystify new CSS3 capabilities and explore its creative possibilities that also speed load times with better SEO and accessibility.

UI Conference: Growing Your UX Knowledge

Two people tell us what they get out of the User Interface Conference.